Saturday, January 17, 2009

British scribe fights for justice in India

British scribe fights for justice in India
Anchal Vohra
Saturday, January 17, 2009, (New Delhi)
Living with the trauma of rape is very difficult, but to see the attacker roam free is probably the worst kind of violation.A British journalist raped in Udaipur two years ago has been fighting this battle to not let her attacker go free. So after being sentenced for 21 years, when he was given bail, she was back in the country, knocking on the doors of the highest offices. "Hearing that he was released was, if not worse, then almost as bad as when the original attack took place. My life is wrecked by him and his actions and his life is back to normal," said the victim."The Supreme Court set aside that order and said that he did not deserve the concession of bail at all," said the victim's lawyer."I'm just relieved that he is not at large and cannot attack anybody else," said the victim.In India, 20737 rape cases were registered in 2007. The National Crime Bureau report says that's a whopping 734 per cent increase from the cases registered in 1971, a crime that every year shows an upwards trend despite the efforts of government.

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